Obtaining the Source Code

The source code for Weft QDA is available for reference, study, modification and re-use. You are very welcome to submit changes to the source code, though you are in no way obliged to submit or share any changes you make. Source code for released versions is made available for download, as described above in the section called “Installation”. The latest development snapshot of the source code may also be obtained by anonymous CVS from RubyForge.


The CVS HEAD version may well be unstable, and you should only use released versions (which are tagged in CVS as weft_x-x-x) on real projects that you are working on.

If you have used the Windows easy-installer, you may also obtain the source code directly from the installed files. Open a command prompt, change directory to the folder where Weft QDA is installed. On Windows, this will typically be "C:/Program Files/WeftQDA". Type the command "

		weft-qda.exe --eee-justextract

, and the application libraries will be unpacked into the directory. Weft's libraries are unpacked into a directory called "lib".