Privacy and Security

Weft QDA does not routinely gather or transmit any information about your use of the software, your projects or the system on which it is being run. However, Weft QDA may collect information about errors and crashes solely for the purpose of improving the software. No crash report information will be sent over the internet without your explicit consent. No personally identifying information is included in crash reports. Crash reports do not normally contain any project data, but may occasionlly include short text excerpts from project documents. If you are working with sensitive data, you should check the content of the error report before sending it, as the error report is sent unencrypted over the internet.

You should be aware that the 'qdp' project file format does not have any special security features to prevent unauthorised viewing of the contents using Weft QDA or other software. You should treat a project file with as much care as you would treat all other research data, ensuring that any and all sensitive information is kept securely. You should check that your use of the software complies with all relevant legal requirements, institutional rules and professional ethical guidelines.