Chapter 3. Getting Started

Table of Contents

Quick start summary
Starting a new project
The Weft QDA workarea
Creating a new project
The Documents & Categories window
Saving and discarding project changes

This and the remaining chapters describe how to use Weft QDA. For the benefit of users familiar with CAQDAS software, the following section summarises some steps in a typical working session. The remainder of the manual describe all the software's features in more detail beginning with starting a new project.

Quick start summary

  • Start a new project by choosing New Project from the File menu.

  • Import some text documents by clicking Import button beneath the empty list of documents.

  • Create some categories by using the New button beneath the empty category tree.

  • Open up the document you want to examine by double-clicking its title in the document list, or by selecting it and clicking the View button.

  • Click once on a category in the tree to select it as the currently active category for marking document text. Then, select text passages within a document that you want to mark, and click the Mark button to apply the code to that section.

  • Double-click on a category, or select it and click the View to open it in a separate window and review all the passages of text that have been marked by it.