I’m a sociologist based in Berlin. My main current interest is the sociology of official statistics, especially how contemporary states produce and use statistical knowledge as an apparatus of government. I also have longstanding interests in housing and urban sociology: on the spatial distribution of poverty in cities, on poor neighbourhoods as a social and political ‘problem’, and on the commodification of land and housing.more

I’m currently a doctoral candidate at Leibniz Universität Hannover. My thesis is a comparative study of official measurements and statistics of poverty and income distribution in Britain and Germany 1975-2010. I’m also a Visiting Fellow at CASE at the LSE; until November 2012 I was Research Fellow there, working on the spatial research strand of the Social Policy in a Cold Climate programme. Before then I was a researcher at CCHPR at the University of Cambridge, and earlier still worked for several years as a software/web programmer.more

Contacts from people with shared interests are always welcome. I’m also interested in short- or medium-term data analysis commissions: I have particular experience in spatial data analysis, administrative data and with UK social surveys and Census data.