I’m a sociologist living in Berlin. The current focus of my research is on the production and use of official statistics in capitalist societies, and how these relate to variants of state-market order, such as Keynesianism, European welfare state and neo-liberalism. I have longstanding interests in housing, urban change and poverty: on the spatial distribution of poverty in cities, on poor neighbourhoods as a social and political ‘problem’, and on the commodification of land and housing.more

At the moment I’m a doctoral candidate at Leibniz Universität Hannover, where my thesis is a comparative study of official statistics of poverty and income distributions in Britain and Germany 1975-2010. I’m also a Visiting Fellow at CASE at the LSE and an associate of the Saisir L’Europe project in Berlin and Paris. Previously, between 2005 to 2012 I was a Research Associate at CCHPR, University of Cambridge and latterly Research Fellow at CASE, working on the Social Policy in a Cold Climate programme. more