Weft QDA User's Manual

Alex Fenton


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
CAQDAS Features Supported
Choosing Weft QDA
Reasons for choosing Weft
Reasons to consider another package
2. Installation
Supported Operating Systems
Hardware Requirements
Software Prerequisites
Easy Installer for Windows
Installing using Rubygems
Running Weft QDA from Source Code
version 0.9.4
3. Getting Started
Quick start summary
Starting a new project
The Weft QDA workarea
Creating a new project
The Documents & Categories window
Saving and discarding project changes
4. Working with Documents
Importing documents
Importing Plain Text
Importing Acrobat PDFs
More about importing documents
Reading a document
Changing the size and font used to display text
Using document text in other applications
Changing a document's title and adding a memo
Deleting a document
5. Working with Categories
Creating categories
Using categories to mark documents
Reviewing text marked by a category
Viewing coded passages in context
"Coding on" with other categories
Copying text passages into other applications
Exporting to a file
Changing a category's name and adding a memo
Deleting a category
Organising categories
Using categories to record document attributes
6. Searches, Queries and Code Reviews
Text Searching
Doing a Text Search
Limitations of text searches
Running a query
An example of using queries
Code Review
Reading text summarised in a Code Review
Exporting a Code Review to a spreadsheet
A. Licence, Source Code and Warranty
Obtaining the Source Code
Privacy and Security
B. Implementation Notes
History and Aims
The Weft File Format

List of Figures

3.1. Starting a new project in The Weft QDA workarea
3.2. Importing a new document from the Documents and Categories window
4.1. Using the document list to open a document
4.2. A document opened for viewing
4.3. The document details pane
5.1. Creating a new category to organise 'interview questions'
5.2. Marking a text passage from a document with a category
5.3. Viewing a category's text
5.4. Changing a category's name and creating a memo
6.1. Doing a text search
6.2. A blank query
6.3. An example query
6.4. A code review